Grace Ward, Crazy Good Spices!

The Crazy Good Spices Story

Grace Ward is the face behind Crazy Good Spices, from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Originally from Italy, Grace’s life has always been full of passionate, talented women whose skills in the kitchen were incomparable. She looked up to her mother in that regard, and it was exceedingly clear fairly quickly that Grace and her mom shared this deep love for cooking and having fun in the kitchen. Unsurprisingly, Grace’s passion in life became cooking and baking, and she quickly proved that she excelled at it.

At an early age, Grace started her own successful catering company. She baked for coffee shops and independent grocery stores in Thunder Bay. Everywhere people tasted her food, it became a huge hit. People instantly recognized her infectious passion for cooking and baking, matched with her undeniably delicious food. Grace Ward went on to become a favourite cook for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, serving work crews incredibly good meals at challenging remote northern Ontario base camps. Everywhere she served people, people kept saying that her food is “Crazy Good.”

Realizing that the challenging demands of everyday life don’t always leave time for people to cook daily meals with fresh herbs, Grace recognized that there was a need to assist people in flavouring their dishes and meals with easy-to-use balanced blends of herbs and spices. This is how the exciting and delicious product line of Grace’s Crazy Good Spices came to be. Now, people are discovering the joy of being able to produce their own crazy good food at home with this line of natural spices.

There is a lot of heart that is blended into each batch of these spices. There are memories of younger years, sharing kitchen space with her mom and sister. There are reminders of growing up in Italy, and most importantly, there is the undeniable sprinkle of spending time with family and friends around the table.

From Grace’s table to yours, enjoy this wonderful world of Crazy Good Spices and get ready for the compliments.

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