Cocktail Rimmers

//Cocktail Rimmers

Be bold and treat yourself and your lucky guests to the best cocktail rimmers in the world! All natural, no junk and not a word you can’t pronounce or ingredient you can’t find in nature.

  • Best. Ceasar. Period. You may want to buy a case instead of one pack... and maybe a tomato farm, shore front property with lots of clams and the city of Worcester while you're at it, because you're going to be making a lot of casears when you share the first one of these with your friends. Or you can save some money and keep this little secret to yourself.
  • Best.Party.Ever When you start rolling this around your rims, you'll hear people running down the block to get a taste. You haven't had a margarita until you've tried it with this incredible blend of salty, epic and awesome.